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Our philosophy:

We offer highly exclusive DIY eyelash extensions at extremely affordable prices.

We have always had one goal in mind: beauty is not expensive. We will take advantage of our supply chain to offer the highest quality false eyelashes, at a price that is affordable for everyone! That’s where our brand name comes from (lieb means love in German), to provide the best products to every customer with a genuine heart, so that even if we have never met, every customer can feel the love of LIEBLASHES!

The materials we use are all from South Korea and are made of “PBT fiber”, a material of the highest quality widely used and recognized in the international false eyelash industry. This unique fiber can create a variety of texture effects for false eyelashes, including the effect of mink hair.

In terms of eyelash bands, we mostly use ultra-thin bands. Although these bands appear delicate on the outside, they have outstanding strength and softness. Given that bands that are too thin cannot support the load of too many eyelashes, in some special models we use ultra-flat stems, which are just as light and comfortable.

We are consistently committed to environmental protection and are fully committed to sustainable development.

In addition to using environmentally friendly papers, we actively rely on degradable materials to ensure that the environmental impact of our products is minimal after their life cycle. We are constantly looking for innovative packaging solutions to reduce resource consumption while increasing the possibility of reuse and recycling.

As part of our commitment to environmental protection, we strive to minimize energy consumption. In the production phase, we rely on efficient energy management to reduce the CO2 footprint and thus contribute to sustainable development.

We encourage our customers to participate in environmental protection. Therefore, our product instructions and promotional materials are made from recyclable materials and additionally offer an electronic version to minimize paper consumption. By working together, we can protect our divided planet.

About me:

I’m Jay Li, 28 years old. At the age of 22, I went to South Korea as an exchange student to specialize in beauty. Later, I was fortunate enough to continue my studies in the field of beauty in the USA and deepen my deep passion for eye makeup.

At the age of 26, I successfully joined a renowned American eyelash brand and took over the position of product manager. In this position, I designed hundreds of popular lash styles and solidified my resolve in the false eyelash industry. During this professional experience, I also became a U.S. citizen.

After two years of experience, I finally pursued my dream – to present the world’s highest quality false eyelashes. In 2023, I founded the company LIEB LASHES LLC in the USA. We have also successfully launched our business in Germany on January 1, 2024!

This journey is not only the realization of my dream, but also an authentic expression of my passion for beauty and my perseverance. I am looking forward to sharing the beautiful journey of LIEBLASHES with you!